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Monday, November 22, 2010

Yes, IT IS TRUE! We Are Now, 'Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group' - Making A Difference!

I personally am astounded, surprised and most importantly very excited about our new future! Ever since we have lobbied hard for the bus commuters around Mount Druit, we haven't lobbied hard enough (as far as I am concerned) but we got back 2 services that are both incomplete. As we did this we touched into other Transport issues that other commuters may have had issues with or thought of suggestions to improve.

This is were our one group will get involved, moving from a bus transport group to a transport community group that has linkage in all areas of transport from local Blacktown City Councillors, to Blacktown City Transport Officers to Hon. State members of Parliament, to local bus operaters ( who are now coming to the party), NSW Rail Corp Cumberland Line Manager, to support from the local Railcorp Station Staff.

I personally have met Dimitri Hondros and he was such a welcoming 'knight in shining armour', meeting him at Mount Druitt Train Station one morning on the way to work, I was always wanting to meet him. He was the same as well - funny know as I was a chairperson of a bus group and he was a manager of a railway line. Two extremes meeting to make one calming peace keeper for transport. We have been hitting brick walls with buses and then out in the open comes trains wanting us to assist them.

Although I stated that we were looking to become a transport group - I didn't realise my dream for us has come true and I must say the entire group has put in 100 per cent effort in choosing a right name. As from 17/11/2010 we are not any more Save Our Bus Services, Mount Druitt And Surrounding Suburbs. Yet in saying this we are not letting go of the hard issues we are fighting for return of weekend services extended bus service to return bus services imcomplete and the complete back of 'Blake's Way!

We passed a Constitution that was accepted by the group with important amendments. We are looking to officially start the group around 26th February 2010, we sill invite commuters from the community to join for a minimal fee and participate in all areas of 'making a Difference' in all forms of public transport.

Please keep an eye on the new Blog spot that we will have and on this note we gave 'Goodbye' to all all readers of this blog Spot!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We Are Pleased To announce An Inniative To Reduce Youths Walking Around Streets

Midnight Baskett is looking at kicking off in Mount Druitt on 16th November 2010 at Emerton Leisure Centre, Emerton 7-9pm for more info contact John Dacey 98352970 or 0409747412 or

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sad for Save Our Bus Services but Glory Days For new Mount Druitt Area Transport Users Group

Yes, that is right! Today my proposal to expand our group to a community based transport lobby group was welcomed by each group member today. A unanimous decision was made for us to start a new transport lobby group covering all of Mount Druitt. This will enable train, taxi cycling users to be involved in the transport infrastructure decisions that affect all community members and provide better efficient transport around.

Although this decision has been made, we are all search for new group name and branding. Any assistance from the community will be appreciated. we will advise further - this is a step in the right direction - my understanding we will be able to handle this as we will look at it being fully constituted.

Our next meeting on 17th will resolve this issue and our constitution will set us for the future.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Great News For Save Our Bus Services Mount Druitt And Surrounding Suburbs And The Community

I have struck gold with a representative from Transport NSW that actually listens, hears and responds. I dropped in unannounced today to meet this Representative and all I can say is complete gratitude - this represent will know who this person is (and doesn't want us to disclose their identity).

I must admit, I did speak to this representative before and my eyes, ears and heart went elsewhere the last year or so. Searching for local assistance from Local councillors, community representative and community members who are members of Labor, support their local members and attending their political meetings. I believe that we are not much liked in the community by the eyes, ears and heart of the NSW Government elected representatives but that is life.

Issues spoken (with this representative) covered a lot of areas from disabled bus services to localised local issues even to new bus ideas that are being used to improve the bus services. What was also discussed was No major changes expected around bus services ( which is surprising with a State Election coming near) except a minor change with 758 will be going through Ropers Crossing - although Blacktown City Council has placed 'bus only' lanes within the last month - this will be obsolete with the intended new bus service. The Bus only lanes were in the original Development Approval.

The Transport NSW Representative has advised will be looking forward to look at extending
Busways 739 service to Blacktown and accommodating other bus services - may look at limited extended 755 bus service to Blacktown from Shalvey. At present bus operaters are stating because the new multiple tickets can be used on various transports to get to destination this should be sufficient but Transport is there to ensure there is transport to get to important most used destinations.

In saying this - the representative was keen to look at Blake's Way and in doing we are asking Blake if he would like to present his report to the representative - we will give you feed back in due time.

On the futuristic way Transport NSW is looking to introduce 'PTIBS' (Priority Transport Information Bus Stops or similar) - This will provide great customer service information directing to commuters owning a mobile phone waiting for a bus that hasn't arrived. Commuters will be able to ' SMS' their bus stop number - ( Bus stops number will be either located on the bus stop or obtained on a map from Transport NSW) - they will then in turn receive a return 'SMS' message advising them of the whereabouts of that particular bus service. Bus stop Numbers provided may start with the suburbs post and numbered from there on . For example Mount Druitt 2770.......

The downside of this are the commuters that do not have mobile phones will not be able to benefit from this and it is not yet know if it will be a free service or small charge. It has been trialled with State Transit Authority and Busways are looking to be the first ones to use it. We suggest to Transport NSW that mobile phones that returned to mobile telephone suppliers that receive old mobile phones may consider donating these to the community that doesn't have one!

There is another electronic future device being used called a 'transponder' - although it will not necessarily be noticed by the commuter it may increase the chance of a commuter hoping on a last arrived service reaching the destination a little bit improved or better. What is it - is an electronic device placed on all buses and when reaching traffic lights it will notice the arrival time of the bus and if running late will change the traffic lights to 'Green' and 'Go,go,go!' - completing reducing waiting time - unless their is a bus stop directly after the lights ( not usually).

It was advised that there may be issues with buses during school vacations bus running early or late either way of the bus stop time table - this will then revert back to normal time table bus runs after these periods .

An interesting suggestion was that Transport NSW would be interested in seeing Blake's Way and will assist him with the mapping of bus routes for presentation purposes. Also for a negative issue within the community they would like to see the rock throwing report that our group member Wayne Lu has presented to us - they are aware that at least there are 2 incidents per day report back to Transport NSW in the Blacktown City Council LGA.

We believe both operaters have different polices regarding incidents caused under their "Standard Operating Proceedures':
Busways - Diversion away the hot spot and only drive through after a Police Safety Report and this could be on same day.
Westbus - diversion away for one day and recommence next day after a Police Safety Report.

Again, it was suggested that if anyone has any issues to ring 131500 for any issues, compliments and feedback to assist the smooth running of transport infrastructure around the area.

Well what more can I say - I was left dumbfounded - the drinking water well has been found - next is the gold nugget!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Save Our Bus Services Mount Druitt And Surrounding Regrouping From Blacktown Transport Forum - Ready For Bus Review Next Year

We will be meeting thie week to regroup and discuss bus services for the future. We will also refresh from the Blacktown Transport Forum, held at Blacktown Council.

We will be meeting at Rutherglan Community Centre Blackett this Saturday at 9am.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WSTPU Policy Forum Takes Shape

Saturday Week, 13th November 2010, is a double whammy for three of us in our group. We have a group meeting at Rutherglen Community Centre commencing 9am - basically outcome of Blacktown Transport Forum and being prepared for future bus review due early next year.

Then Angie, Shane and myself will be heading to the reformed WSPTU Policy Forum/Meeting, where this will be the thrust of motions coming up from group to better and improve transport services and infrastructure around Western Sydney.

Our aim is to be a voice for the community think, discuss, negotiate and act as part of a Western Sydney Community promoting a good cause for Transport. That Transport stake holders not only listen to us but act proactively to ensure all community needs at not just met and promote more users and commuters to use Public transport, with positive outcomes.

I will ask Shane and Angie to present the 'Rock throwing Report' keeping in mind all the wonderful work Wayne has doing. One of our brilliant volunteer workers. he takes negativeness with pride and looks at the positiveness that could have been done.

I am so proud of all our group members that have represented the community and still represent the community, we are not a giving up group, we are there and it appears we will be there for the community for a long time. I hope that if anything happens to me one day that our flag will be carried higher into the skies of Western Sydney reflecting the changes that we want in Western Sydney.

Please note venue has been changed - please contact Debbie Robertson for further deatsils

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Outcome of Blacktown City Council, Public Transport Forum Meeting 35

Yesterday, I was a new attendee at the 'BCC PTMF' and found it to be a great vocal point to air Transport issues concerning residence of Blacktown City Council.

I must admit there would have been at lease 30 attendees (stake holders) at the meeting, all of relevant interest. From Westbus and Busways Operators, other community groups, representation from BCC Youth Councilor, Blacktown Train Station Manager, bicycle community groups, representation from the taxi council , WSPTU and various other interest groups.

Meeting was chaired by Councillor Pembleton, after an interesting display of the railway duplication line at Richmond and showing the Quakers Hill Train Station development, council was council was concerned of the TCA movement of the footbridge at the station. There was also discussion of Blacktown car park to be developed on the First Avenue side of Blacktown Station, and discussion of St Marys Train Station, and mention of a Mount Druitt Train station in progress but not for discussion as yet - my question to the TCA was with the high congestion of bus traffic inn the Bus interchange has there been provisions to expand the bus interchange with the car park in a development process?

I was told environmental impact studies will be done etc - but I don't think they understood what I meant - at this time the Mayor left the Forum.

We then had various discussion about where has there been youth input in these car parks decision process ( as adults make these decisions) - and I think think went over the TCA head as an answer.

Then came my presentation which I had the main speech and dot points that I was going to and from, leaving myself to introduce 'Blake's Way'.

Blake went through reading routes 716 to 800 and also T ( transit way services). Questioned were raised regarding any proper maps - Blake advised no as the other maps he had would represent confusion - Rudi from BCC advised that the bus operators could assist him with mapping program etc. Also what was asked how much Blake being paid for this he answered nothing.

When bus issues came up, I raised the issue of interaction/communication between Train Stations and Bus operators/drivers: that is especially when trains arrive there is a three to four minute walk for commuters to reach bus service waiting at bus stands - if you are not a fast walker - the bus will leave before you reach there - leaving half an hour for next service. Rudi advised this has been addressed to both parties at other BCC PTMF's. It seems like it hasn't been followed up - I will raise this at a WSTPT.

Pauline from our group discussed her bus issues which claims ther is hourly services and although some of the early bus services happen, it has been getting better but feels she is not being heard.

Then Cathy Williams advised of real case studies showing from transport website how long it takes for commuters from their home to Mount Druitt Hospital - response from Westbus was that it is not their issue that the Hospital was built outside the hub of Mount Druitt.

Finally, was discussion of the next BCC PTMF and it was proposed that there be a one issue ( with a resolution) meeting and this is discussed by stakeholders - I brought up the relevance that we could have a the next meeting in Mount Druitt as the issue we have in BCC Mount Druitt in secondary in most discussions - especially at meetings I have attended at BCC. It was advised by Rudi that BCC has facilities as opposed to Mount Druitt - which Mount Druitt will have some facilities like this in the near future.